Esprit en Mouvement Faculty

Mariko Tanabe – Program Director and Teacher

Certified Teacher and Practitioner of BMCSM, IDME (Infant Developmental Movement Educator) EAY, EDMY, ISMETA Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist

Throughout her career and practice, the healing powers of human movement and expression have always inspired Mariko Tanabe. Now, after more than a decade of training and preparation, her dream of offering the Body-Mind Centering® Licensed Training Program in Montreal is a reality.

A Certified Teacher of BMCSM, Mariko began her training with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, the founder of this work. Mariko has been on the faculty of the licensed training programs in France (SOMA) and North Carolina (Kinesthetic Learning Center), and completed her BMCSM Teacher Training requirements in Germany (Moveus). She is also an Infant Developmental Movement Educator and Yoga Teacher.

In addition to her BMCSM training, Mariko brings her experience from her more than thirty years as a dancer, teacher and choreographer. She worked with American Modern Dance pioneer dance master Erick Hawkins in NYC as a principal dancer, teacher and rehearsal director. Renowned for her electric stage presence, Mariko has performed her choreographies globally, and as a guest artist, teaches workshops to dance companies, and at art centres and universities internationally. She mentors emerging and mature artists as well as choreographers, and maintains a private practice working with a variety of individuals.

With her unique combination of training in BMCSM and dance, Mariko continues to explore her passion for movement and the transformative and creative potential of the human body and spirit.

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Thomas Greil – Program Supervisor

Certified Teacher and Practitioner of BMCSM, IDME (Infant Developmental Movement Educator)

Thomas is a Certified Teacher of Body-Mind Centering® and an Infant Developmental Movement Educator (IDME). He is currently co-directing the IDME, SME and Practitioner Programs in France and Italy. He is supervising and mentoring the development of BMCSM programs worldwide, including in Quebec. He studied many years with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen working with babies and children with challenges. He is one of the main initiators and collaborators in the European project SPARKS, which applies BMCSM in the field of special needs. He is specialized in working with dancers and musicians, as well as adults and children with neurological and neuromuscular challenges, with children and their families with special needs – and with children in the autistic spectrum. He lives and works in Italy and France.







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Janet Amato – Co-Coordinator and Teacher

Certified Teacher and Practitioner of BMCSM Infant Developmental Movement Educator

Janet Amato is an established dancer, choreographer, and certified teacher of Body-Mind Centering® and IDME. She also has a diploma in Pilates and Reiki. Janet lives in Paris where she teaches and continues to research and practices as an independent dancer, producing creative performance projects. Her artistic development was influenced strongly by her collaborative and professional encounters with Jérôme Andrews, Solange Mignoton and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Since 2005 Janet has taught BMCSM in Germany, Italy, France, the United Kingdom and joins Esprit en Mouvement in 2018.






Erik Bendix – Teacher

Certified Teacher and Practitioner of BMCSM
Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Erik Bendix is a certified Practitioner and Teacher of Body-Mind Centering® and an AmSAT-certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique. He studied BMCSM with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in the 1990s and at SOMA in France in 2012. He trained in the Alexander Technique in the 1990s with Frank Ottiwell, Joan and Alex Murray, and Walter Carrington. He has taught on training courses in both disciplines, represented both at conferences around the world, and co-leads workshops on experiential dialogue between the two with Myra Avedon. He developed his own Ease on Skis method of ski training which he has written a book about and now filmed. He also developed a collaborative workshop series on scoliosis called the Learning Curve. He writes poetry, translates from German, designed his own log house, and is best known as a folk dance teacher. He lives with wife in Asheville, North Carolina.

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Lulla Chourlin – Co-Coordinator and Teacher

Certified Teacher and Practitioner of BMCSM

Lulla is a choreographer and director of her company Astragale in Besançon, France. She trained for over twenty years in somatic practices, most notably graduating as a Certified Practitioner (1999) and Certified Teacher (2006) of Body-Mind Centering®. She is Co-director of the BMCSM Practitioner Program in France, and Co-ordinator of Esprit en Mouvement’s Somatic Movement Educator Licensed Training Program in Quebec.

Following her intensive years of training of BMCSM in the United States with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Lulla has been leading her own research in France and Europe while offering many workshops and trainings. As a choreographer, she explores this practice with questions around the body, of being alive and human, and about how movement is originated. For many years she has explored Contact Improvisation and Spontaneous Composition, and also has created many choreographic works in which she integrates the elements of sound, image, voice, architecture and painting.

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Anne Garrigues – Co-Coordinator and Teacher

Certified Teacher and Practitioner of BMCSM, Infant Developmental Movement Educator

Anne is a Certified Teacher of Body-Mind Centering®. She is the Educational Co-Director of SOMA and Co-Administrator of the Infant Developmental Movement Education Program. She teaches regularly in School for Body-Mind Centering® Programs throughout Europe. She works as a BMCSM Practitioner in Grenoble, supporting adults of all ages, families with their babies, and children with special needs, through one-to-one, individual sessions. In September 2017, she created the ‘Jardin et Mouvement’ studio and practice center, which hosts somatic movement education and conscious movement classes and workshops.

Anne has been a dance choreographer for 25 years. Today, she works with professional and amateur dancers, children and vulnerable population groups, and takes a deeply somatically-influenced approach to the transmission of dance. She is involved in a number of peer exchange facilitation processes, and actively participates in two European projects: SPARKS (Somatic Practices, Arts and Creativity for special needs) exploring a somatic approach to disability, and LEAP (Learn, Exchange, Apply, Practice) exploring the transmission of dance.


Walburga Glatz – Co-Coordinator and Teacher

Certified Teacher and Practitioner of BMCSM, IDME (Infant Developmental Movement Educator) ISMETA Registered Movement Educator and Therapist, PHD Law

Walburga is Certified Teacher of Body-Mind Centering® (BMCSM), a registered (by ISMETA) Somatic Movement Therapist and Educa­tor™ and an Infant Developmental Movement Educator™ (IDME™). She has further trainings in Cranio-Sacral-Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage, in different techniques of New Dance, Action Theatre, Butoh, T’ai Chi, and Tango Argentino. Her first career before becoming fully dedicated to BMCSM was in law and she is holding a PhD in Law.

She lives in Berlin (Germany), teaches internationally, mainly in BMCSM Certification Programs around the world, and is the director of two licensed BMCSM and IDME Programs in Europe. In her work both with adults and children, the concrete freedom of non-judgemental exploration and the philosophy and poetry of the body have become her focus.

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Bob Lehnberg – Co-Coordinator and Teacher

Certified Teacher and Practitioner of BMCSM, EAY & EDMY, Qigong

Bob began studying Body-Mind Centering® in 1984 with Maryska Bigos. In 2007 he supported her in founding and through 2011 the management of the Kinesthetic Learning Center (KLC). Bob became a certified practitioner (1990) and teacher (2002) of BMCSMwho has been teaching experiential anatomy and physiology in schools of massage therapy and somatic programs for twenty-five years. His interest and practice of yoga led him to receive an Integral YogaSM teacher certification and become a frequent BMCSM guest teacher with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in BMCSM Embodied Anatomy; Yoga and Embodied Developmental Movement; Yoga certification programs in United States (Amherst, MA and New York City).

Bob began studying and practicing Qigong in 1992; holds a teacher certification from Supreme Science Qigong Center and integrates the principles of BMCSM into his classes. He brings an improvisational theatre background, including ten years as a professional, to the experiential learning process of BMCSM His lightness and fun in the classroom is grounded by his degree in Biology (1980) and his ongoing studies in science and nutrition that support his understanding and ability to clearly communicate the anatomy and physiology of the body. He served for fifteen years in committee and board roles for NCBTMB and currently maintains a private and group practice in health and movement integration.

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Wendy Hambidge – Teacher

Certified Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner and Teacher; Infant Developmental Movement Educator

Wendy Hambidge is a certified Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner and Teacher, Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist, and an Infant Developmental Movement Educator. As an artist, she produced dance work for 30 years and holds an MFA in choreography and performance. Wendy first encountered Body-Mind Centering in 1990 where she found it to radiate with possibility for self-study, movement, and choreography. Wendy now utilizes BMC with clients, ranging from artists and athletes to parents and babies, to develop deep physiological awareness—supporting individuals through somatic inquiry related to coordination, development, muscle patterning, creativity, performance, injury, chronic pain, and psychophysical integration.

Based in Portland, OR, Wendy has taught Experiential Anatomy in the Yoga Shala Teacher Training Program and Embodied Anatomy and Yoga (EAY) program with Amy Matthews. She regularly assists Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (BMC℠ founder) and currently teaches Experiential Anatomy for The People’s Yoga Teacher Training Program, and the School for Body-Mind Centering Licensed Programs throughout the US and Europe.

A practitioner of Transcendental Meditation since 1972, Wendy graduated from Maharishi University of Management. Her belief in the ability to cultivate health, joy, and interconnectedness through intentional awareness is the divining rod that directs all of her endeavors.

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Vanessa Gagnon – Interpreter

Somatic Movement Educator Certified in BMCSM, holds a graduate degree in Somatics

Vanessa Gagnon holds a graduate degree in Somatics, is a Somatic Movement Educator certified in Body-Mind Centering® and on her way to becoming a BMCSM Practitioner.

She has a somatic practice in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal) and the surrounding areas where she works with people of all ages and backgrounds, supporting the expansion of one’s own possibilities. Vanessa is also a theater teacher for children and teenagers, playwright, director and physical theater specialist.

Born in Quebec, her first language is French and she deepened her knowledge of English while studying BMC in the United States and Europe, as well as living in communities Northwest of Turtle Island (North America).

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Nisha Kewalramani – Teacher

Certified Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner and Teacher; Infant Developmental Movement Educator

Nisha is committed to living her path as an embodied spirit, blending both eastern and western cultures into one. Born in India, she has a deep curiosity about her roots. She is an active student of Buddhism, studying with Ponlop Rinpoche for over 15 years and was called to study Ayurvedic Medicine with Dr. Lad at The Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. Her love for touch led her to earn a license in Massage Therapy and her desire for depth and subtlety carried her to Michael Dunning’s CranioSacral training. Embryology remains a source that bridges Nisha to the ancient Indian practices of her origins. She came to BMC® through her study of Yoga with Genny Kapuler in New York, and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen has been instrumental in her reawakening.

Nisha is a Certified Practitioner and Teacher of Body-Mind Centering® and an Infant Developmental Movement Educator (IDME). She has taught at the BMC® Licensed Program in Italy, the Infant Developmental teachings at The Breathing Project, and at Marymount High School. Nisha maintains a private practice in NYC where she resides.