Body-Mind Centering®
Licensed Training Program
now in Montreal

Directed by Mariko Tanabe – Certified Teacher of BMCSM


Become a Body-Mind Centering®
Somatic Movement Educator

Begin this summer with:

Senses and Perceptions 1: Aug. 1 – 4, 2017

Skeletal System: Aug. 7 – 17, 2017

Classes will be taught in English and French with translation. It is possible to register for each module or for individual courses.
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Photo : Ctibor Bachraty

“The BMC class was different from any course I’d done. …It took me into the living history and physiology of my body and generated new movement basis…. Very exciting… I want to learn more.”
Lindsay Gunn-Ouellette – Participant at Sukha Yoga, (Guelph, Ontario)

“BMC gives me insight into movement potential from a perspective that is anatomically sound, creative and joyful. The work is intellectually stimulating and honours the remarkable complexity of the body.”
Tama Soble – Co-owner of Esther Myers Yoga Studio (Toronto)

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